Pharmaceutical Costs Straining
Your Budget?

Our Team Recovers Unreimbursed
Pharmaceutical Costs.

Maybe We Can Help You Too

Maybe We Can Help You Too

Maybe We Can Help You Too

Maybe We Can Help You Too

Healthcare Enrollment

checkmark-xxlUncomplicate your work

    One interface that

  • Presents eligible patients
  • Recovers unreimbursed rugs
  • Enrolls patients for self-administered meds
  • Patients can follow up and reorder meds online
  • Nothing engages patients (and keeps them coming back) like saving money
  • Integrate with related healthcare strategies
  • Add…

  • Medicare, Medicaid, and Dual-Eligible qualification
  • Charity enrollments
  • ACA enrollment
  • Simplify

  • Use existing data to automatically populate forms and applications
  • digitally send and electronically sign documents
  • Easily upload supporting patient documentation when necessary
  • Digitally fax and electronically file comleted applications
  • Create an electronic file where you or the patient can access past submissions or use existing data to make new enrollments


Pic of Vault

Not to be taken lightly these days our security is second to none. From secure physical facilities to encrypted data in transit AND at rest, we spare no effort to keep patient data secure. read more

Every Form & Application

Pic of man throwing papers in air

Yeah, everybody’s got a program that’s the good news..

and the bad news.

We keep track of everything. Every product, every program, every change. read more

Direct Patient Access

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With our easy-to-use website technology we can incorporate access right into a provider site or direct patients to our free public nonprofit supported website…

Any Device

Pic of man juggling many devices

Secure access from any device for you and the patient. Get reorder reminders to a phone by text.


Our Customer Says

“My experience in working with Self Pay Systems is very positive. Their openness and professionalism is refreshing and makes them ideal partners. Their commitment to creating a win for all involved is something we appreciate.”

Wintosin Po

Director, RTP Technologies


Everything we do uses wizards with plenty of tooltips and contextual help. This makes start up easy and even reluctant computer users will have little trouble with our patient website.


Try as we might to avoid it, some folks will get stuck. We’re available right away by chat or phone, 24/7. We’re really serious about helping people.


Once a patient has registered for a program, they can set to receive a reminder when it’s time to re-order. The reorder can be completed in just a few steps using pre-existing information.


Every Patient that record that comes into our system is tracked, analyzed, and noted for success of failure.

We don’t just tell you what was successful. We think knowing what didn’t go as planned leads to continual improvement… and ever-increasing savings.



  • How many hours of effort does it take to maintain multiple systems?
  • What is the value of just one patient staying on medication because they can now afford it?
  • How much time do you spend trying to knit together different databases to get the bigger picture?
  • How much are you paying in fees for these multiple systems and vendors?
  • What is it worth for one patient to learn how to manage his or her disease better because she saw it on our or your website?

Who we´ve worked with

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